Atul Agrawal Residence: Residential Bungalow Project:

Residential bungalow

Residential Bungalow Project: Atul Agrawal Residence

The Residential Bungalow, located on Unnao Bala Ji Road in Jhansi, is a stunning blend of traditional design and modern functionality. Featuring locally sourced materials, intricate woodwork, and ornate carvings, this meticulously crafted home offers a warm and inviting ambiance. With its harmonious blend of timeless aesthetics and contemporary comforts, the Residential Bungalow on Unnao Bala Ji Road in Jhansi provides a luxurious and captivating living space.. 

fast foward thinking

our approach

In designing Atul Agrawal’s Residential Bungalow, our team focused on capturing the essence of traditional architecture. The design concept revolved around embracing the elegance and charm of the traditional style while integrating modern comforts and functionality.


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